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Hambo in the Snow

On the other side of the year, the Land of the Midnight Sun is a land of long, dark winter. But winter in Scandinavia is also a time of light: the moon’s reflection on snow, the levande ljus (living light) of candles and torches, and the inward light that comes with honoring beloved traditions. Here are some of the tunes that have become our favorites over the years of performing together. Most of these tunes come from the ancient bygdedans (village dance) tradition. Each locality had its own form of polska or springar, with its unique rhythmic variation of 3/4-time. There are also walking tunes and bridal marches here, and the relatively new (19th-century) dance forms of waltz, hambo, and polka. Andrea Hoag - fiddle, vocals; Loretta Kelley - fiddle, hardingfele, vocals; Charlie Pilzer - bass, one- and two-row accordions. (ACCD-0602)


Hambo in the Barn

Fiddlers Andrea Hoag and Loretta Kelley, joined by Charlie Pilzer on bass, perform on this sparkling and varied recording of Swedish couple dance music. With the assistance of Frank Brown on guitar and Larry Robinson on mandola, Hambo in the Barn includes fast and slow, major and minor, solo and ensemble pieces suitable for dancing, tune learning or just listening. (ACCD-9601)

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